Nirguna Trust

Nirguna is a social entrepreneurship venture working with weavers and artisans across various handloom and handicraft clusters in India. The concept was conceived to provide a direct and fair price marketing channel for these artisans and to bring to consumers a genuine high quality product, 100% natural and eco-friendly. The very existence of Nirguna is to celebrate the rich and diverse cultural traditions of India through handloom and handicrafts. 

Over the years Nirguna has taken a larger and more pivotal role in working with artisans and weavers across various clusters in the country. The organisation today engages with the artisans at multiple levels,

Financial Inclusion – helping the community in sourcing affordable credit, payments, remittances and insurance.

Documentation & Training - document how designs/ patterns have evolved over last few decades and create training avenues to revive the lost forms. 

Community Development – organise workshops, events to popularise and provide a platform to the artisans.