Dhalapathara: A Successful Revival Story

The Majestic Sambalpuri/Sonepuri ‘Bandha’ Weave

Utkala, (Utkarsha kalaara Bhumi)The land of Excellent  Arts ! Every nook and corner of Odisha beams with unique craftsmanship. A tradition and culture of artistic exuberance neglected because of sheer humility or almost dying because of ignorance? Whatever may be the case, our artistic traditions must be documented before it is lost in time.

With this objective in mind, we started video documentation of the handloom clusters of Odisha. We continuously do secondary and primary data collection and video documentation with a dedicated ( outsourced) team in various villages. We are extremely thankful to all the villagers, weavers, master weavers, weaving societies and local coordinators. This work would not have been possible without their support.

This short video gives you a glimpse into the “bandha kala “ or the tie and dye technique popularly known as ikat from various clusters in and around sambalpur.

What is Bandha?

Bandha is also a tie- dye technique. In this technique, the yarn or the threads are tied and then dyed. This technique is popularly known as ikat. This is a highly skilled job. The drawings once ready is transferred to a graph paper. In the meantime, yarn is washed, cleaned and framed. Highly skilled artisans known as “ Bandhakar “ tie the threads with the help of the graph paper. Please note in earlier times no graph paper was used. Once the tying is completed, the yarn is dyed. Then another round of preparation takes place to make it loom ready. Finally, it is woven by the weaver on the loom.