Dhalapathara Cotton Saree

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Made in Dhalapathara, this cotton saree is a revival one made in the original technique using 'Chiaris" . Every design is unique and handcrafted master piece.

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Dhalapathara is a very unique technique of weaving that is found only in Dhalapathara, Khurda District of Odisha. The speciality of this technique is that the design is created with fingers by the support of elliptically shaped bamboo planks known as “chiaris”. No dobby, jacquard or jala technique is used in creating patterns. The weaver creates designs without any graph paper drawing for reference. . This is a highly skilled job that can not be even done by many expert weavers. This technique has been revived after  it was lost in 1930s. Please follow the link for a detailed video documentation by Nirguna Trust. Check Video

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Mercerised Cotton
6.1 metres x 1.2 metres

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