Karvati Kinnar Vidarbha Tussar Silk Saree


This is a handwoven saree from Vidarbha, a north-eastern region in Maharastra, India. A raw tussar (cream) colour body this saree is all about the beautiful, intricate borders which have designs combining the different colour threads in various patterns.


There may be unevenness in the selvage and the weave. There may be a loose thread on the backside of the saree. These are the signs of a handloom, handwoven saree. Be happy!

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The karvati kinaar Saree from Vidarbha has received a geographical indicator (GI) tag. The weaver takes 8-12 days to weave the saree based on the intricacies of the saree. This minimalistic designs gives a very elegant look when draped.

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1. Dry Clean only 2. Do not bleach

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